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Plavnik, an unpopulated islet between the Central Straits and the Kvarneric Bay. The Krusija Channel separates it from the eastern coast of the island of Cres. It has a length of 6.3 km and a width of up to 2.3 km; covers an area of 9.2 sq km; the highest elevation is 194 m. Predominantly without vegetation cover. Poorly indented coast is partially steep on the northern and north-eastern sides. Hunting ground (wheateater, hares, pheasants). Two islets (Kormati) lie to the south-east of Plavnik; in the middle of the straits between the islands and Plavnik the sea attains a depth of 9 m. Plavnik represents a habitat of the white-headed vulture; the island is in the process of being declared a zoological and botanical reserve.